Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weddings and Jewelry

Last night, I hosted a Royal Wedding Watching Party (and Stella and Dot trunk show). Now, I don't have one big ole group of girlfriends, so whenever I have a party, the guest list tends to be a bit eclectic. Last night was no different: old friends, new friends, friends of friends...I think there were about 15 people there, and everyone seemed to have a good time. I actually think it's really fun to host a party where most people only know one or two other people there - it makes people socialize a little more, and it makes for a lively evening!  Ok, I sound totally like a 50's housewife (or a stereotypical Briton) with my whole "lively evening" spiel, but seriously.

We feasted on a delectable array of treats, including some delicious homemade scones (thanks, Dana!), which I polished off this morning. Sadly, I didn't take one single photo at the party (bad blogger!), mostly because the drinking started around 5pm when my friend Katherine and I realized how much chopping and stirring and food prep and cleanup we had to do before guests arrived. Thanks again, Katherine. Definitely couldn't have done it without you.  If anyone took pictures, please email them to me so I can add them to this post.  :)

The only picture I have from the party.
Thanks to whoever lined them up like that.
Totally made me giggle.
I took this picture this morning.
We did a good job, guys.
We also tried on some gorgeous jewelry from Stella and Dot. If you couldn't make it to the party, or if you came but didn't buy anything, guess what? My "party" is still going online, and you can still place an order! They have a lot of great jewelry under $50, and even quite a bit under $40 (and a bunch of stuff on sale for less!).  I tried on several necklaces (and earrings) that would be perfect for jazzing up a casual outfit or for wearing for fancier occasions - I know I sound salesy, but I really do love their stuff.  Like, a lot.

Here are the instructions for ordering:
  1. go to
  2. click on "find your hostess" under the "Stylewatch" tab
  3. type in Kim Weisberg
  4. start shopping!

(Full disclaimer: if people buy stuff, I get a discount on whatever I end up buying, so...there's my ulterior motive. but let's be honest. I'm buying stuff anyway. Because this jewelry rocks. Let me know if you want to host a trunk show of your own and I'll hook you up with Rosemary!) 

It really was a lovely night.  Thanks to all who came!

How about you, readers?  Did you celebrate the Royal Wedding?  Did you cry? (I think we all know that I teared up a little) 

PS - Congratulations to two of my dear blog friends who BOTH just got engaged!  You can read their recaps (and ogle their rings) here and here.

Update: photo from Kelsey
Chocolate fountain, fruit, cookies, scones, cucumber and
cream cheese sandwiches, crudites, cheese and champagne
fondue, spinach artichoke dip, pickles...

Photo of the spread from Dana. The empty dish in the chafer
was the spinach dip, which was still in the oven at the time.


  1. I declined to watch, but did take in the hat parade later on the Beeb. Hil-arious. A bit disappointed in the Queen's ensemble, though--she just looked like she donned Standard Queening Hat #3 and got a curator to pull a Shiny from the V&A so she could pin it to her jammies. She didn't seem to put much thought or effort into it at all. But I suppose she's 85 and probably considers comfort above all else in an outfit. Quite unlike Victoria Beckham! OUCH.

  2. Oh, by the way, how much chocolate does it take to get your fountain flowing? It's lurvely!

  3. Haha I watched a documentary on the making of a royal wedding, and the
    milliner has been doing the Queen's hats for the last 5 years. And she's
    made over 45 hats for her in that timespan! Crazy! And yeah, I think at 85
    you're allowed to wear jammies-esque outfits, even if you're the Queen.
    Perhaps especially if you're the Queen. And she still looked classy! I
    thought Pippa's dress looked a little like a modern/sexy wedding dress, but
    I'm sure there was plenty of decision-making behind the choice to have her
    wear white.

  4. You're supposed to use 48 oz (for 10-15 people) and like, 2 cups of oil.
    I've found that I can get along just fine using 24 oz (two standard size
    bags of choc chips) and half the amount of oil. It's always WAY enough, even
    with 15 people eating it. I don't know how much they expect people are
    eating, but everyone would have to eat a lot of chocolate to go through 48
    oz! Dipping something just doesn't use that much!

  5. The decision was simple, re the white dress--she monitored the train, so she needed to complement it without introducing any new colours to the procession. It was either stick with white or put her in red like Wills, which is never appropriate outside of Vegas. Plus she's too old for the puffy-sleeved dresses of the bridesmaids--can you imagine the outcry? The cap sleeves bring it back a step from matrimonial--it's too casual. (I mean, obviously not for the wedding of a pleb, but for them? Don't be ridiculous.)

  6. That's what I figured - have to blend in with the train. But still; I
    thought it could have been a little less low cut, and perhaps a little less
    white. But whatevs; it was pretty. And it got everyone talking about "oooh
    Pippa! When is she going to get married (maybe to Harry)?" Oh, the Royals.

  7. I totally watched and celebrated. :) Looks like your party was a success

  8. Bleh. Even though that's technically legal and straightforward, that just sounds too much like setting their family tree to its spin cycle.

  9. Why thank you! I do pride myself on a good food spread! And there wasn't
    even too much left at the end of the night (which is highly unusual; I
    usually make WAY too much) - probably because I forgot to put a couple of
    things out.

  10. Thanks for hosting, Kim! It was so fun and delicious.

  11. Thanks for coming! And again, for all your help! :)