Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Some thoughts on turning 27...

  • I am now officially in my late twenties.
  • Birthdays are pretty much like any other day, except you can say things like, "It's my birthday! I do what I want!" and probably get away with it.
  • Walking to work, I thought about how nobody on the street knew it was my birthday (hi, I'm a narcissist, apparently). At this age, nobody knows it's your birthday unless you tell them. Or unless, of course, they are your Facebook friend.
  • ...as opposed to being a kid, where your teacher/parents make a huge fuss, and maybe you get to wear a birthday crown or sash or something, and bring cupcakes to share with the class. 
  • Maybe I should have worn a birthday crown today. Nah. That feels wrong.
  • When you're the person who always orders/makes the birthday cake for everyone else, you have to trust that they'll do the same for you (ok, so maybe that's not necessarily a birthday thing and is more of a Kim's control issues thing, but whatever). Because who wants to make her own birthday cake?
  • 27 feels a lot older than 26. You know how some numbers just feel bigger? I always felt like numbers ending in 7 felt bigger, older for some reason. My reasoning has no logic, and doesn't even make sense, so I won't even explain it, because it's simply not true. Just one of those weird brain things.
My friend Aly sent me this picture today.
What can I say? Girl knows me well!

There's something to be said, I think, for birthdays that come and go without a lot of fuss. Not that I don't love a good fuss now and then, but sometimes, it's nice to let the clock strike midnight (and fine, technically I was born around 4:30am) with a kiss from the one you love. And to go to work like normal, with an extra little secret bounce in your step, and a new cardigan sweater (more on that in another post), smiling to yourself because the weather is lovely and it is your birthday. Perhaps because I just hosted a lively Royal Wedding Party, perhaps because I just have other stuff going on right now, or perhaps because it's just more my style, I'm hosting a small, casual birthday BBQ at our place tonight. Nothing fancy (I've done far less planning for this than I normally would for a party) but it should be a fun little gathering of whomever is able to come over. No stressing with RSVPs and menus, just good old fashioned potluck party time.

The Sharks play the Red Wings tonight (Stanley Cup Playoffs, y'all). Here's hoping they win it for me!

I have no idea who Flowers and Fun/Arena Flowers is, but
they sent this to me via Twitter, and it was a lovely little
surprise. Thanks, whoever you are! 

PS - Getting a video of your favorite 4 year old singing Happy Birthday to you in her PJs = very happy birthday indeed.  Precious.  Saving this forever.


  1. Happy Birthday! I always thought birthdays were much more fun as a kid until I realized you can do whatever you want on your birthday as an adult

  2. Heck yeah! Like, for example, going to Snack Depot for lunch :) And...doing
    an interactive HR compliance webinar? Oh wait, that part not so much.

  3. ... you also get to choose which day your birthday is on. Only rule is it
    has to be within a week of your actual birthday.

  4. Wow, I didn't know about that rule! :)

  5. Just saw your birthday post and well...Happy Birthday -again!!!  That is fun too, to drag it on as long as possible!  And remember you and your cuz are the same age for a month!  Weeeee...
    And on a side note: those dishes look cool like that and all...but I had the worst burn experience of my life with those darn things.  Mine were typical 1979 olive green and the lids have NO KNOBS!!!  SO when I took the lid off...(drum roll please) the steam burnt all my cuticles off!
    Jus sayin'  :)

  6. Oh no! Yeah, always gotta be careful when they're hot! :)