Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Gardening

I had some time this afternoon for a little gardening, and I thought I'd share a few photos to update y'all on the status of the patio.

This is going to be a photo-heavy post, just giving you fair warning.

This is what the inside of the half wine barrel looked like
before soil and all that went in - the terra cotta pot pieces
curve over the drainage holes so the soil doesn't pour out.
Those bolts and nuts you see are what hold the wheels onto
the bottom of the barrel so it can be wheeled around the patio.
The half wine barrel, all full of freshly planted flowers.
(approximately 3 weeks ago)
The half wine barrel, today. The flowers are growing in
nicely, though some have gotten a little bit crispy from
a few particularly hot days. 
Today's work, part 1: twenty little seedling pots, seeds
planted and ready to grow! Will bought me the seeds for my
birthday - I hope I don't kill them! I have extras of all just in
case though. It may be too late to have started now...we'll see.
The patio three weeks ago.
The patio today - so much more color!
This parsley is a force to be reckoned with. I thought it had
died completely, but lo! It returns! I purchased sage and
oregano this weekend to add to the window patio floor box. 
A little overhead shot. The rosemary is doing
mighty fine, and I have high hopes for the
rest. The alyssum has grown so much since
April! Crazy!
So pretty! What's up with the little purple one? Love it!
A blossom on the lemon tree. Looks a bit
dead, but whatchagonnado?
(hope it gets better)
The snapdragon has seen better days (see: April), but I'm
going to see if I can somehow nurse it back to health with
water before I uproot and replace it.
Click to enlarge if you want to see some really cool textures.
This tree got quite dead recently, but it's
come back! The plant arises anew!
(yes, I said "got quite dead")
This flower is totally dead now, but look how pretty it
once was!

We'll end on another pretty note, with another flower that is
sadly no longer with us. 


  1. Is that last white one a peony?  I had a peony that bloomed this year, a dark fuchsia colour.  I don't know what I did wrong with it but it bloomed late and didn't stick around very long, but it's been dry and I've only been doting water on my edible plants.  Very pretty flowers all around--did you get a new sofa?  Is that one okay for outside?

  2. It is a peony! The orange one is too. I bought them all bloomy and pretty from the garden center at OSH, but I waited too long to replant them I think, because they started getting droopy and withery. By the time they were transplanted into the pot, they didn't have much life left in 'em, and now they're pretty much goners. Not sure what I'm going to do yet, but I'll probably uproot and plant something else. The sofa is the same old white one, but the cushions got so dirty that I knew my party guests wouldn't want to sit on them, so I bought some $6 towels at Target! Boom - instant sofa makeover! It's a super cheap old sofa from IKEA (was in my little sister's bedroom like, 10 years ago), and it's perfectly fine for outdoors...mostly because it's so old and cheap that I don't care if it gets ruined. It gets protected from the rain under there though, so it's been totally fine since we moved in. And now that it has fun towels on it, it's totally easy to wash (or change if I decide I don't like the look anymore) - easiest sofa makeover ever. Really.

  3. You inspired me to blog about my rose bush. 

  4. Oh yay! I can't wait to hear about your rose bush!