Sunday, June 19, 2011

Impromptu Brunch

We had a really lovely impromptu brunch this morning, featuring frittata, prosciutto-wrapped honeydew, fruit salad, various cheeses, fresh-squeezed mimosas and of course...pie.  And now, pictures!

I'm very proud of my pie.
I mean, just look at it.
(yes, I'm wearing my Homeroom tshirt)
honeydew with prosciutto
fruit salad!
The spread. Minus frittata, which was in the oven.
We do throw a good party, if I do say so myself.
mmm pie

And in case you're wondering, we didn't get the apartment we applied for :(  There were two other competitive applicants, and one of them beat us to it, time-wise. Pretty bummed, but onward go we into our search!


  1. SOooooo how was the PIE???  So nice to see your table filled with family treasures!  You have the entertaining gene 4 sure!  Good luck with the apartment hunt.

  2. So glad your pie was a success!  How was the crust?  The last few crusts I've made have been mediocre at best.  Very pretty!

  3. omg try this pie crust recipe! so easy and SO GOOD. I think it's all the

  4. Brunch looks lovely! PS - on IE8, Disqus comments don't really work. Ryan already knows about this, but it might be something you want to fix. :)

  5. Or maybe you want to fix the fact that you're using IE8! ;) But yeah, the
    guys know about it. Nothing I can do except continue feeding and paying

  6. Yeah, I am waiting for work to upgrade to IE9 already. ;) Just a matter of waiting for the IT folks b/c they won't let us do it ourselves.

  7. And they don't let you use ffox or chrome or safari? The horror!

  8. OMG Ms. Weisberg, this pie.  THIS PIE.  I will post photos on my blog.  It's still too hot to eat.  Ben and I have been burning our fingers trying to get little tastes. The crust! The fruit! The rhubarb! I keep butter in the freezer and grate it like cheddar when I need it, which allows me to do very cold crusts and not need a pastry blender doohickey, which makes my baking life much less frustrating. But yes.  Wow.  Love. It's still hot but the pectin is already starting to set up!

  9. I AM SO EXCITED TO HEAR THAT! So excited, I needed to use all caps,
    seriously. Awesome. Can't wait to see pics!