Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Putting it out there

While I have many friends and family members who are into The Secret and all that, I'm not really big on the whole "put the positive vibes out there into the universe" thing. However, with this We Have To Move thing being as it is, I figure it can't hurt to try...right? Especially if I'm all obsessive about checking PadMapper and stuff too?

We have just about 6 weeks until we have to move, and so far, it's slim pickings out there in Apartment Rentals Land. If anyone out there knows of anything (the perfect little 2-bedroom Craftsman house?), please do let me know.

Anyway, Universe, here's what we're* looking for:

  • ~850 sq ft, + storage or lots of closets - for ski gear, camping gear, hockey gear (and all our stuff)
  • parking either off-street, or easy/safe on-street
  • walking-distance to BART because we both take it to get to work
  • laundry, preferably in-unit, or with a hookup for a w/d. Shared, coin-op laundry in the building is acceptable...though I really don't want to. I'm spoiled.
  • outdoor space. We have a BBQ and two 1/2 wine barrel planters I do not want to leave behind.
  • nice kitchen. It doesn't have to be huge or sparkling new, but it should not be so small that two people can't comfortably cook together. And the appliances should work.
  • 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom - though I wouldn't say no to 2 of either! 
It would be great to have:
  • extra storage - our current place has a closet across the hall perfect for all that outdoor/sporting gear.
  • wood burning fireplace - this is the biggest "we probably won't get it" item, but our current place has one and a girl can dream, right?
  • outdoor space for gardening, like real dirt, ya know? a yard?
  • hardwood floors
  • a building with character - sadly, many of the cooler, older buildings don't have parking or laundry, but they do exist somewhere. I'm convinced of it. 
  • dishwasher
  • garbage disposal
  • loads of natural light
  • magical fairies and unicorns to fluff my pillow and present me with gold coins

We're paying $1500 right now (I know, it's a great deal - shut up, Lyz, with your gorgeous and affordable house in Iowa), and we can afford to go a little higher. I'd prefer to stay well under $1800. Like, maybe, $1600 or even $1700.  I guess I'm thinking up to $1800 if it has EVERYTHING on the list. 

My request is officially Out There, In The Universe. So...apartment. Where are you?

*I say "we're" because, well, I'm writing this on behalf of us. It should be noted, however, that Will doesn't actually care about some of this stuff. For example, he'd be fine with the shared, coin-op laundry, and he's usually convinced we can fit into a smaller apartment. But for the purposes of this blog...it's "we're." And looking back over the list...he cares more than I do about the hardwood floors and character and I care more about gardening space and space in general. So...teamwork.


  1. Good luck Kim!  And let me know if that universe thing works!  :)

  2. I'm sending positive vibes your way!  Good luck!

  3. I am sending the vibes and you know I do believe in Thoughts Become Things.  So, while you are at it, your mother would really like a guest bedroom/office so she could visit you more often!

  4. I am crossing my fingers for you.... :-D

  5. I would just like to remind you that character full stop is not always a great thing. What character my 1900-build terraced house may have has been utterly upstaged by the mice, the pathetic and crumbling plumbing, and the bindweed infestation. Not saying newer is better, but I think after a point 'characteristic' gives way to 'temperamental', which eventually settles into 'cantankerous'.
    That's my attempt at moral support.