Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Not So Quickie Update

Project: Unpack Before Will Gets Back From The JMT is well underway, despite its lengthy title (and despite the curveball he threw me...he's coming home a week early!).

I've made lists of things I need to buy, and with the help of a few friends, have actually gotten quite a bit of unpacking done. Dude, I did like, 5 boxes tonight. Because I like to organize my brain in lists, here's a little list of to-do's. Warning: it's long. This is the next two weeks of my life. Starting with...tomorrow.

  • Thursday after work
    • get a massage oh yeah woo hoo!
    • Google+ hangout with Aly
    • unpack swag bag suitcase from BlogHer
    • pack bag for LA (going home this weekend)
    • mail something to Will. It's tricky, because he gets to his next resupply in 4 days, and the one after that only 6 days or so after that. So I have to get on it. And possibly pay for some quick shipping. Hopefully I don't have to do this Friday/Saturday, but I might have to. 
  • Friday after work
    • fly home
  • Saturday
    • relax with the folks, maybe ship a package to Will? Send Lyz her post-blogher "left behind" package?
    • evening dinner with Los Angeles bloggy ladyfriends
  • Sunday
    • Disneyland!
  • Monday
    • Fly home in the morning
    • Disqus beach trip in the evening
  • Tuesday after work
    • pilates!
    • unpack something! 
    • move gift wrap stuff to guest room
    • assemble kitchen cart, assuming it's arrived? maybe wait for a friend to help with this one.
    • do some laundry? I can only assume I'll have a ton by then.
  • Wednesday after work
    • ballet...hopefully I'll find my shoes by then
    • dinner with a visiting friend (Hi, Rachel)
    • unpack? assemble kitchen cart?
  • Thursday after work
    • happy hour officewarming party fun times at work
    • Reed flies in
  • Friday
    • take the day off work, spa day! I have a feeling this will be much-needed.
    • evening at IKEA :)
    • main closet organization?
    • dinner at Biere or Homeroom?
  • Saturday
    • brunch? 
    • pick up stuff I bought from Steve & Kate's Camp in El Cerrito
    • Target run?
    • unpack, assemble IKEA furniture (bookcase, dresser, tv stand)? 
      • Taskrabbit the assembly while we unpack?
      • reorganize office/guest room furniture?
    • dinner at Biere or Homeroom?
  • Sunday
    • unpack
    • Reed flies home
    • haircut
  • Monday after work
  • Tuesday after work
    • pilates
    • unpack 
    • make sure things are tidy enough for the housekeepers to come tomorrow
  • Wednesday after work
    • ballet 
    • walk around the house, marveling at how clean it suddenly is (hopefully)
    • unpack - can I please be done unpacking by this time?
  • Thursday after work
    • office managers meetup night?
  • Friday
    • drive to Yosemite to pick up Will!
    • Sara B concert at Shoreline
    • sleep over in San Carlos?
  • Saturday
    • Monterey Bay Aquarium with Katherine.
  • Sunday
    • lounge around all day with Will, finally.
    • Sleep.

Unpacking schedule may vary based on my mood.  Things to unpack: pots and pans (waiting on kitchen cart), books (waiting on 2nd bookshelf), movies (waiting on tv stand), games, tech crap, office stuff, canned food, dresser stuff...and I feel like there are more things but I don't want to walk around the living room taking inventory right now.

I think it's reasonable, though looking at the list makes me feel a little crazy.  I can do it!!?

PS no plans (well, besides Tues Pilates and Weds ballet) the week after this list of wonders...except oh wait, that next weekend we fly to Washington for a wedding, and the one after that we go to Colorado, and the one after that probably a wedding in Santa Barbara (travel plans permitting), and then we will both crash and sleep for a few days?

I feel lucky to have so much awesome in my life, but um, am I a crazy person?  Seriously, please let me know.  I'll be in bed.



  2. I think my life is overwhelmingly busy and then I look at your list and die a little. My goodness. I don't know what else to say. Except that your house is beautiful, your life even more so, and it's totally all worth it.


  3. Aw thanks dude. Monday's beach trip was cancelled as was my massage and google+ hangout. Lots of unpacking getting done though. Woo! I love you!