Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bon Ami! Bon Prix!

For months years now, I've been saying I'm going to start using non-toxic cleaning products. I don't like the idea of harsh chemicals in my house - especially in the kitchen. I have started buying natural products, replacing the chemicals with their green alternatives wherever possible (still haven't found a viable replacement for Clorox in the toilet bowl though - natural cleaners just didn't do the trick).  I even hired a cleaning crew who says they use eco-friendly products. However, I'm a little bit too lazy to go the baking soda and vinegar and lemon juice and "omg I'm making my own cleaning products" route.  I know, mock all you want, but for whatever reason (laziness) I just have never done it.  I know it's easy, but I prefer to not have to make my cleaning products. Whatever.

When we moved, I boxed up all the cleaning products we don't use any more (a combination of having a cleaning crew twice a month and realizing we had accumulated a ton of random bottles) and Will brought them down to the basement. If we realize there's something we need, we'll bring it upstairs, but in a few months, I'm planning to leave them on the curb with a big FREE sign. I don't want to rid the house of cleaning products entirely (sometimes a girl has to clean between cleaning crew days!), but I also don't want to use those harsh chemicals. What's a girl to do?

hint: it has to do with this chick
Enter: the kind folks at Bon Ami, who oh-so-generously sent me a rad gift pack to review on ye olde blog.  First of all, it came in a cute wooden box.  I'm totally going to hang the lid on my wall in the kitchen.  So cute.  Second, the box was packed to the brim with awesome Bon Ami cleaning supplies!  In case you didn't know, Bon Ami's products are toxin-free, produced in an eco-conscious way, and have proven the test of time...they're celebrating their 125th anniversary this month!  To celebrate this milestone, they have produced a limited run of the "your grandmother probably used this in her kitchen, and probably your great-grandma too" Bon Ami Cleaning Cakes!  They only created 1886 of them (in honor of the year Bon Ami became a company), and I was lucky enough to get one!  I love me a little nostalgia!

cleaning cake and commemorative tin!
love me a commemorative tin!

I think you see where this is going...you can win one too!  But not only can you win a super cool Cleaning Cake, which comes with a cleaning cloth, in an adorable tin, if you win this giveaway, you'll also win Tangerine Thyme All Purpose Cleaner, Tangerine Thyme Liquid Cleanser, Tangerine Thyme Dish Soap, the original Powder Cleanser, recipes from Bon Ami, and the wooden box with the cutie pie chick on it!

liquid cleanser, all-purpose cleanser, powder
cleanser, dish soap. all for you!

Like the powder products that Bon Ami is known for, the new liquid line of products uses the same toxin-free approach making the products biodegradable and hypoallergenic. They smell good. And they seriously work, you guys. I used the All Purpose Cleaner to get some seriously nasty burned on Idon'tevenknowwhat off my stove, and I only needed my Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for some tiny spots. And let's be honest, if I had been more patient and let it sit, or um, I don't know, used the Powder Cleanser, I wouldn't have used Mr. Clean at all.


A little blurb from the good folks at Bon Ami:

For every good meal, a messy kitchen is born. Grease lingers on the stove top, flour clings to countertops and that sink that was once shining and clean is filled with dishes. Whether or not you like to clean, it’s always part of the cooking process. But it shouldn’t be painful. Chances are you are careful about the kinds of food you bring into your kitchen, so why not be as careful about the way you clean your kitchen.  All dishes should start in a toxin-free kitchen.
Don't you agree?  I know I do!

Ok, enough talk about how much I adore Bon Ami.  You want to win some stuff!

To Enter:

  • Leave a comment telling me about one truly awful mess you've had to clean up (no judgment here; I just want funny stories!)

For Additional Entries:
you must come back here and leave a comment for each thing you do in order for it to count!
  • Visit and Like Bon Ami on Facebook (www.facebook.com/bonamiclean)
  • Follow Bon Ami on Twitter (@BonAmiClean)
  • Share this giveaway on Facebook, or Twitter, or your blog, or Google Plus, or wherever you want!

There is no limit to number of entries per person, and you have until Sunday, October 2 at 11:59pm to enter! The winner will be selected by the unbiased hand of the Random Number Generator.

Happy cleaning!  And bonne chance!

The FCC would like me to remind you that Bon Ami products were sent to me for free. I would like to remind you that my opinions remain my own, and that I wouldn't ever give something away on my blog unless I really, truly loved it.

UPDATE: Congratulations to Tricia! Comment number 6!  There are more giveaways coming, folks, so don't give up if you didn't win this time around :)


  1. Awful messes usually involve food in an already been eaten state. :/

  2. I retweeted your tweet today! :P

  3. Well...our dog ate a flip flop that we saw again two weeks later...the most disgusting, vile thing I've ever seen come out of a stomach.

  4. Back in the olden days, before we had Theo, I was walking Valentine in our old Hollywood neighborhood, while having a chat on my cell phone. A homeless man walked up to me and said, "Hey lady! Hang up the phone. Your dog's eating shit." Whaaa? I looked down and sure enough, Valentine was wolfing up an enormous pile of squishy yellowish-brownish poo. Worse even, was knowing exactly who's poo it was. It was Crapping Karen's poo. Crapping Karen was a crotchety, mean, always strung-out and screaming obscenities homeless woman who lived in our neighborhood and took her morning constitution on our front lawn every single God-loving day. So not only was Valentine eating poo, but she was eating human poo. Human drug-addicted homeless lady poo. 

    You think that's bad? I'm not done yet. After I jerked Valentine away from the poo, I had to bring her inside my house where I had to clean the yellowish-brownish poo off her face, where it was caked all over her pretty little puppy mouth. I used rubbing alcohol. 

    But wait! There's more! About an hour later, Valentine vomited yellowish-brownish drug-addicted homeless lady poo all over the living room carpet. It smelled just like Crapping Karen had just taken a shit on in our house. In our living room. On the carpet. Very close to the kitchen. Where we prepared meals. 

    And guess who had to scrub it out of the carpet? ME. While Valentine sat near by and belched mean, drug-addicted, homeless farts at me.

    I win.

  5. I tweeted about your giveaway. (And now I sound like a Bon Ami bot.)

  6. OMG, I can't compete with Patricia's poo story. EWWWWW.

    The messes I hate cleaning up always inevitably contain bacon grease and dogs. Not good.

  7. I don't know if it's truly awful, but I JUST spent an hour magic erasing the upstairs bath tub and I still don't feel good about how clean it is. :/
    Hooray for days off!

  8. I was probably going to post about stepping in cold, wet cat hairball on my beautiful, William Morris-inspired area rug, but if you're "judging," rather than "randomly selecting," I've no chance against the revolting story told be Patricia. Good work, that.

  9. My son as a young teenager got drunk with a overnight friend.  When I found them walking up the road, (well not walking straight), I knew the problem and took the friend straight home.  My son in the car got got sick and sick again from the car to the shower.  I made him clean up the mess before he could go to bed and showed no mercy.  Moral of the story -  He never got drunk around me again. 

  10. The most awful mess I had to clean up was on a Thanksgiving day one year, my husband, the chef for the day, had a little too much to drink and he was attempting to maneuver the biggest turkey known to man out of our oven.  After swerving to and fro with the roasting pan, the turkey skidded across the kitchen floor and so did all those drippings...OH, what a huge and greasy mess I had to clean on my "holiday" it took me hours.
     Have used the original Bon Ami for years, have not tried their new products , and never heard of that cake block either.  Would really like to try it!  I like it on facebook, and also shared the link.

  11. I also posted about your giveaway on FB!

  12. I follow Bon Ami on FB!

  13. But seriously, anyone who lives near someone called "Crapping Karen" just can't be beat on this one. Not even when my crazy cat gave birth under our couch on our white, wool carpet (whose idea was THAT anyway?) and then dragged one across the room and ate it! Later, she puked the poor baby up under the Christmas tree. And, yes, we could recognize some parts. Yuk! But Crapping Karen beats even that, I have to say!

  14. Whitney (RookieMoms.com)September 29, 2011 at 7:41 PM

    I live with a 6-year old boy. So, yeah.

  15. My biggest mess?  Well, right now, we have mice in the house so we are setting traps and disposing of dead mice and mice poop.  Can I win by pity? 

  16. Dog vomiting up her own poop. All over. ALL OVER.

  17. My life. It's always a mess. lol

  18. Your cat ate it's baby and then vomited it up under the Christmas tree. Best Most Horrible Story Ever. Totally beats my Crapping Karen story. 

  19. Seriously, all y'all had some of the grossest stories I've ever heard.  I told the stories to some girlfriends the other night and we ended up talking about vomit for about half an hour.  In a hilarious way.  

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  22. Ok. How about a chihuahua giving birth, eating the afterbirth and shortly after, and then expelling it from the rear all over my bedroom. Where she of course had decided upon going into labor to let her water break on my bed. (WORST SMELL EVER)

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