Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Weekend Off

This is the first weekend in over two months where we have not had back to back crazy plans or way too much stuff to do on the weekend.  We had planned on going camping, or maybe checking out one last wedding venue in Tahoe. But for several reasons, including indecisiveness and exhaustion, we ended up just staying home.  Well, not entirely...we had a super fun night at Cafe Biere last night to celebrate Reed's birthday, full of beer, sangria, mussels, and Taboo.   So fun.

It also occurred to me that I won't have a quiet weekend of nesting/relaxing for a while; what with the wedding dress shopping (eee!), the holidays, and various other activities, life's just going to continue to be busy for a while!

But today?  Suddenly we find ourselves with no plans.  We have to do some wedding planning (budgets, ick, scary), and oh goodness! Laundry! Cleaning! 2 year old's birthday party tomorrow!  I'm looking forward to some lounging around and nesting this weekend, with some much-needed R&R. 

Things that are on my "maybe I'll do it this weekend" list now:
  • unpack new mesh baskets and organize the skinny cart next to the stove - DONE!
  • install mesh baskets to expand spice rack wall
  • unpack the last bedroom box and set up the top of my dresser
  • unpack the last kitchen stuff box
    • figure out how to get the stuff to fit in the kitchen (place to display glass jars full of grains?)
  • wash new glass jars and transplant remaining grains
  • sort mail, pay bills
  • clear off dining room table
  • sort through giant bag of BlogHer swag...and blog about it? Gee, BlogHer was only 2 months ago.
  • laundry - we seem to not be very good at doing it on weeknights these days
  • wedding budgeting - must get done!
It's really exciting (ok, maybe that's not the right word) to just have a weekend of lounging around, taking care of projects, and maybe even just taking a nap in the backyard.  Will is playing the piano as I type this and try to decide what to eat (I'm a bad Jew on Yom Kippur), and it's looking to be a lovely weekend!

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