Sunday, October 30, 2011


Halloween is tomorrow, and this is the sad state of our super awesome jack-o-lanterns.

Oh, Sweet Dee. We hardly knew ye.
My scared pumpkin is now a squished pumpkin.
Doesn't look too bad...
Oh, jk. It looks awful. Just not quite as bad as the other two.

Thank goodness I just set up some new autumn much nicer than dead pumpkins! The sad thing is that I think we'll have to compost them before Halloween tomorrow night.  They are, sigh, moldy and fly-infested. Yeah. Not so great for trick or treaters. If we even get any around here.

Lovely mini pumpkin and eucalyptus wreath from Trader Joe's
The centerpiece of the dining room table.
I love me some festive gourds.

So what now? Do we run to the store and go through the whole carve-a-pumpkin-so-we-have-something-out-tomorrow thing? We do have to go get candy anyway...but I don't know if I have the energy for another afternoon of pumpkin carving.  Sigh...Halloween fail?  At least we have a little bit of fun decor?


  1. My pumpkin rotted too.  I have another uncarved pumpkin but I don't know if I feel like putting in the effort...

  2. Aw those are so sad. :( We're carving tomorrow night.

  3. Do you think you'll get trick or treaters in your neighborhood?

  4. Not sure. In the past, we haven't been home. :/