Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkin Patchery

Last Sunday, we visited the Peter Pumpkin Patch at our favorite creamery, Spring Hill in Petaluma. We hadn't been in two years, and I was really excited to go back.

Activities included

letting a baby cow tickle our fingers

milking a cow

hanging out with a cute baby
and her awesome parents

not pictured: eating homemade ice cream, picnic lunch, and HOW DID I NOT TAKE PICTURES OF DIGGING FOR POTATOES?!  Most fun ever.

oh wait - Andrea got a photo of Claire
digging for potatoes. yessssss!

Also there was this.

A little confused...and yes, that's a different
outfit. Girl's gotta stay fresh, yo!

After several hours in the sun, we came home and carved our pumpkins...maybe not the BEST idea, since Halloween is now several days away and our pumpkins are starting to wilt.  Oh well. It's been fun.

Some photos of our masterpieces:

variation on a classic
(thank you, stencil)

This pumpkin was oddly-shaped.
I started making a bunch of triangles, thinking I'd do a random pattern.
Then I decided the triangles looked like eyes,
and I thought it would be fun to do a bunch of faces.
Here are 3.

Here are two more of its 5 faces.
It actually turned out really well!

Will's amazing creation.
Can you identify this woman?

All in all, a successful weekend.  Peter Pumpkin Patch is always a lot of fun!  And now that I've committed to decorating a little bit for Halloween, I'll have to post pictures of the little bits of decoration in the house :)

our porch 

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