Friday, October 28, 2011

Wedding Dress Madness

By popular demand, the Post About The Wedding Dresses I Didn't Buy! As you know, I bought a dress. So very excited! Because I have my dress (it arrives around January 10, ready to be altered), and a whole photo album of dress pictures, and because y'all keep asking me, I thought I'd share some of the other contenders (and not-contenders).

Side note: I'm watching Say Yes to the Dress...a show that gives very unrealistic expectations of wedding dress budgets. These ladies are buying dresses that cost more than our entire wedding. Wow.

Anyway, enjoy!  And if you're not into wedding stuff, just ignore this post.  Warning: lots and lots (and lots) of pictures ahead.

This one was super cute. A lot of fabric, but
really cute.
What is going on with this dress?
This cannot look good on anybody.
The back of this one was rad. The front,
not so much.
I really liked this short one. Thought about
buying it just for fun, but it was still like
The flowers had tinsel on them.
Strangely (minus the tinsel), I liked this one
more than I thought I would.
What is happening?
I look skeptical, but I did like the foofy.
Welcome to the Saloon!
Who decided that these roses were a good idea?
This one had a cool lacy bolero
(only an extra $250 or so...ha)
This one was a contender fo sho - really
liked it. Very fun. Side note: David's
Bridal is a crazy place.
This put me to sleep.
Sorry Vera (Wang).
What is this face? What am I doing?
I liked the shape, but not the weird ferns.
Convertible dress! WHAT?
(apparently this is a trend right now)
I kind of fell in love with this dress.
But I love the dress I ended up with more.
A lot more.
Perfectly more.

I never thought I would love a dress.  But I love it.  And I am so excited to marry this guy, lemmetellyouwhat.


  1. Let me be the first to squee this...SQUEEE!

  2. You're going to be the most beautiful bride EVAR.

    Also, I dreamt I was at your wedding last night. And you looked absolutely gorgeous. 

  3. I am so glad I was there for the final final!!!!  As a mother-of-the-bride should be!

  4. LOL, I have a file full of similar pictures myself - this is a great post. :) I actually couldn't stand David's Bridal - it seemed there were more horrendous options than good ones there, and that's the only store I had that experience at. Isn't it amazing thinking someone actually LIKES and BUYS and WEARS some of those dresses?!! LOL. 

    I can't wait to see the one you chose!!!!

  5. I like your squeee. And I'm glad I could distract you from your night of forced-baseball.

  6. Aww thanks, Tricia! Let the wedding dreams begin :P

  7. Thanks, Mom. I'm glad you were there too :)

  8. I actually found two dresses at David's Bridal that I *really* liked. The thing that I liked about the smaller stores was that they were...well...smaller. There were only about 3 other brides at David's at the same time as I was, but I could see that during peak hours they can fit like, 30. The crazy amount of mirrors made things a little overwhelming to me too. Also, the David's Bridal lady wasn't super helpful, and she was really slow in the way she brought me dresses one at a time, and only let us browse ourselves after Reed asked (towards the end of the appt). The smaller places (Janene's Bridal in Alameda and The Wedding Party, 2 blocks from my house, where I ended up getting my dress) felt much more personal.
    I did get my prom dress at David's Bridal though, so I won't knock it! :P
    And I know. It's amazing that some of these crazy dresses actually get sold...though maybe they look good on somebody?

  9. ahhh!  the saloon maid one is fab.  in that horrible, "who wants lace mini-tiers on their hips?" kind of way.

  10. Oddly, it didn't look terribly terribly terrible in person. Weird, right?

  11. :) LOVE it. So many options - there must be people who adore the styles that make us go "WHAT?@!"

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