Thursday, December 15, 2011

Covering Yourself

Ok, after that last ode to Sara Bareilles, you're probably like, "Kim. Shut up. Talk about knitting or how you exploded a squash or something."  But seriously guys.

There's just one more thing I didn't mention, that Emika and I actually took a minute to marvel about during the show.  See, Sara is the master of covers.  When she covers a song, it becomes brand new.  I think it takes a special kind of musical ear to be able to do that, to hear a song and twist it around so it's still the same song, just...really different.  Anyway, she's really freaking good at covers, and I love hearing what she does with classics.

But this time, she covered one of her old songs - one of my favorites that's been around since forever ago.  Covering your own work has to take a little something extra, I think.  It's hard enough to re-imagine someone else's music, but to take something that's come out of your own head, to move it around and change it into something new...I think that's harder.  I am terrible at covers.  I must lack the imagination or something, but even songs I've written myself always sound a little like something someone else wrote.  But that's neither here nor there.  My point is that Sara's cover of "Come Round Soon" last weekend pretty much blew my mind.

And now...a little time travel (my music professors in college would be so proud of my "research", though I'll spare you the musical analysis).  Silly, yes.  Unnecessary, sure.  Fun?  I think so.  Enjoy.

Check out "Come Round Soon" as she played it back in the day 
(this was 2004 I think?)

At the House of Blues in Chicago in 2008
(found it on YouTube, sorry the quality is rough)

Toned down in 2009:

And then, check out how she played it at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium on 12.10.11

And just for fun:

So yeah.  She's good.

The End.

Coming soon, Why I Love Lady Danville, in honor of the fact that we get to hang out on Saturday.