Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's that time again

Resolution City, here I come!

Every year, I write up some resolutions and check out the ones I wrote the year before to see how I did.  Usually, I realize that I forgot about some of them.  Perhaps I should write them somewhere other than the internet.

Last year's resolutions:

  1. blog more often (uh, sort of nebulous, eh? I think I blogged a lot in 2011, so that's good I guess) - just counted. 131 in 2010, and 95 in 2011. so, uh, nope. but I feel like 2011 was a bigger blogging year, so maybe 2010's posts weren't as substantive or something. whatever.
  2. give the ole blog a redesign (yeah, that never happened. hello, 2012, I'm coming for you! maybe?)
  3. create an "about" page (yep, didn't do that either)
  4. figure out why search is messed up on my blog (bet you can guess how that turned out)
I think I focused too much on my blog, and then didn't have (or didn't take) the time to actually do this stuff.  But that's ok, because I also resolved to let my blog be what it is without pressuring myself to do more.  Since, you know, I have a full time job and a life outside work and am planning a wedding and all...I think it's ok.  Not saving babies here.

Anyway, it's New Years Day, and I'm sitting on the couch after two weeks of travel, family, parties, illness, and some really awesome other stuff I'll tell you about in a non-resolution post when I get around to uploading my pictures.  (wow, nothing like a lazy blogger to excite you on New Years Day! whatever, sue me. no, don't do that. you wouldn't have a case anyway, so shut up. god, what am I talking about?)

This year, I want to...
  1. keep the house tidy, and not have piles of stuff everywhere (I always make this resolution when I write them right after traveling and the house is a mess)
  2. open the mail on the day it was received. or the day after. not the week after.
  3. eat healthier, eat slower (I eat too much because I eat too fast, and although baguettes and salami and cheese are some of my favorite foods, I want to focus on leaner proteins and more veggies and such. wedding diet, whatever).  maybe lose 5-10 pounds?  ick, I hate myself for saying that, but yeah, I could stand to do it.
  4. exercise more than twice a week.  preferably in some sort of class like the bar method or something.
  5. try new things, at least one new thing per month (a recipe, a craft project, an activity, being assertive, etc.)

I think that's about it.  If I actually accomplish all this, I'll be an adventurous, responsible, healthy, fit person with a clean house (ha) - here's hoping!

Happy New Year, all! 


  1. I categorically refuse to resolve to do anything based on a calendar! Which is probably why my house is a mess and my muffin top is in check :)

  2. I like the way you think! "Luckily" for me, New Years comes 6 short weeks before my wedding, and I'm a little extra muffiny (and jowly - ok not really, but I'm still feeling a bit ick) after the better time than now, right?

  3. I too gained weight during the holidays. EIGHT POUNDS! After working so hard to lose it after that baby made me fat (note: I blame the baby, not McDonalds), this is pretty much the most horrible thing ever. (I need perspective, but I won't get any!) I switched our diets to the low-fat e-mealz and Dave bought me an elliptical. So, while I am categorically against resolutions, I have all the symptoms of one. In sum, I am the worst.
    You are lovely and you are always lovely and jowly or no, resolutions or not, you will continue to be lovely on your wedding. You can't help it!

  4. Haha thanks. I feel the same way about you. I think I gained 5 lbs over the holidays...cookies and heavy foods. Delicious, yes. Now it's time to exercise and lighten up the food! Jealous of your elliptical; I'm hoping to do more Kinect :)

  5. Well you can always join me in my Weight Watchers journey. You will learn a lot! I do each week. It's not about weight loss. It's about lifestyle, which is what I think you are really talking about. I am always here to listen and support.

  6. I don't understand how you don't open your mail right away.  I get so excited when I get mail!

  7. I look through it and open anything that looks interesting, but I ignore things like pay stubs and magazines and random stuff that doesn't require immediate attention (or again, look interesting). Basically, I need to do a better job of opening+filing and/or recycling+reading.

  8. Ok, so "exercise more than twice a week.  preferably in some sort of class like the bar method or something." Moving to Berkeley, which makes us neighbors. Let's find an interesting class and pressure each other to actually go... yes!?

    And "try new things, at least one new thing per month (a recipe, a craft project, an activity, being assertive, etc.)" is my favorite of your resolutions. Yay! (Ok, so not my most scholarly observation, but figured I should share.)

    p.s. Got your wedding invite in the mail today. At my old address so I don't get the mail often... but still, yay! Was so excited to open the envelope and see it in person.

  9. 1) YES! I want to try the Dailey Method, and there's one on Ashby/College. Check it out with me?
    2) One of the things on the list? UKELELE!
    3) Aww yay! I changed your address in our spreadsheet, so any future correspondence will go there :)