Saturday, January 7, 2012

Let's Get Productive!

Today's a big day in wedding-prep land!  We're going to look at suits for Will in a couple hours, and I'm picking up my dress AND having my first fitting!  It's the first time I'll get to try on my dress, the actual one (not the sample, I mean), and I get to wear it twice today!  Can't wait!  Eee!  I'll have two of my bridesmaids with me, and afterwards we will probably do a little shopping for the one who still hasn't found her dress.

Also on the agenda is (finally) unpacking from the holidays.  Want a list?  Ok, I'll give you a list!  So glad you asked!

NOTE: List updated as of 9:50pm
  • Big Suitcase: full of gifts, clothes, miscellaneous stuff
  • Three Boxes One box: full of gifts that didn't fit in our suitcases (parents had to ship)
  • 3 Suitcases and 2 Duffels: will be empty and needing to go back in the closet
  • Winter coats/ski clothes: need to be put in duffel and put back in closet
  • Closet will need to be reorganized a little bit to make room for the suitcases
  • 2 Boxes: Christmas/Chanukkah decor that needs to go back in said closet
  • Dining room table: needs to be cleared
  • Coffee Table: Covered in mail, needs to be filed/put away/recycled
  • Recycling: needs to be taken out
  • 1 box: wedding bouquet supplies -- unpacked; the dried Caspia smells like fish though, so that's a mystery that needs solving.
Bonus List!  Wedding Stuff I want to get done this weekend:
  • Count scarves I've made, see if I have 1 or 2 more to make -- I have 1.5 more to make!
  • Make a plan for dad's ties and mom's neckwarmers
  • Make a plan for my handwarmers
  • Find a dress for Katherine?
  • Get Will's suit!
  • Pick up my dress, go to my fitting!
  • Sort through bouquet supplies to see what it all looks like -- as noted above...unpacked; the dried Caspia smells like fish though, so that's a mystery that needs solving.

I'm a little inspired by this post on The Hairpin...sometimes you need a little motivation!  I also want to get a bunch of laundry done (hey, Will, how would you like to do some laundry?) and organize the bedroom - there is a lot of stuff piled everywhere, and even a box I haven't unpacked from the move. In August. Oops.  Dang holidays!

I'm ready to rock though!  Do you have any Winter Cleaning plans this weekend?  Any events you're preparing for?  Tell me your tales of nesting and productivity!


  1. maybe they sprinkled the caspia with dried sardine pieces.

  2. Ugh. Maybe. I had to put it in a garbage bag because I could smell it from the living room.

  3. My plan was to sit on the couch and do nothing today, but you have inspired me to achieve more. :) hopefully Incan be half as productive as you! Have fun trying on your dress today - that is such a cool moment!,

  4. Ha! You get to sit on the couch and do nothing - you have a 1 month old baby!!

  5. We have the ceremony venue and a reception hall booked and will be talking to a potential caterer next Tuesday. This really hasn't been my doing--Mrs Mother of the Groom has been after me with a broom to make some decisions. After that it's just a matter of getting dresses, suits, hair, nails, shoes, fascinators, transportation, suits, music, rehearsal dinner, decorations, and invitations taken care of. (In that order, probably.) I suck at wedding-ing. This isn't fun.

  6. Way to go! You have a lot done considering you have a few months left still :) Lists are muy importante, but you know that already. Try to make it fun? Or let Mrs. Mother of the Groom take care of it, since it seems she wants to anyway? I can't believe we only have 1 month left!