Monday, January 23, 2012

Wrappin' it Up

I have a very sad situation right now when it comes to gift wrap organization (ok, there's a sentence that will bore away a fair amount of readers).

In 2009, I bought this super awesome gift wrap organizer.  Hooray!  Organized!  So handy!  In that blog post, I said I was going to tuck it under the couch or bed, but that it was temporarily standing in the closet.  Well, it stayed there.  Forever.  And into our next apartment too.  And into this one.  This bag is not one made for standing in the closet, folks, and when you factor in the fact that I overstuffed it, well, it's not doing so well.

So neat and so tidy! This lasted for like...a month.
It was starting to lose it around the recent holidays, and now it's just a saggy mess, falling apart, leaning against the wall in the living room.  I also still have two plastic boxes of bows, tissue and gift bags in one closet (which, uh, are also stored in the gift wrap holder), and a small box just of ribbon in another closet (which uh, are also stored in the gift wrap holder)...things are just not organized.  I want to start over with sturdy, clear plastic, and actually sort things into appropriate boxes, instead of this "everything is everywhere" situation.

I would take a picture, but it's just not worth it.  Instead, I'll post some inspiration pictures I found online.  Photos all courtesy of Google Images, mostly (if not all) from The Container Store I think.

Classic. I like it, except I think
I want to keep more than just
wrapping paper in it, and this one
isn't quite conducive for that.
I don't have this many rolls of
paper, either. Sooooo
This is basically the dream, but I think I have too much
to fit in this container like this. It's also for under the bed,
which I don't want to do for a number of reasons, including
#1 There are two plastic containers under the bed already
#2 I don't want to keep gift wrap in the bedroom.

I like the idea of hanging it in the big closet in the
living/dining area, but I'm worried that the wrapping
paper will eventually bust through the velcro at the
top (that's basically what happened with my current
container - too many rolls, heavy rolls, weak velcro,
big mess for Kim) or that the hanger will eventually
give out under the weight.

If I only had a dedicated space for something this big...
...cause wow. Super awesome.

Uh, hello? Yes please.  Someday...

I know a couple of you out there have figured out some clever (or at least functional?) ways to store gift open up!  Share your secrets with me!  Please?


  1. We like the under the bed models. Handy and accessible and functional. You can even put in smaller boxes (as in the picture above) to further separate. But you can also stack them easily with other boxes and storage things in a (large) closet if you have one since they top open.

  2. I just don't have the space under the bed (that's where we store extra sheets). If I stack 'em in the closet though, wouldn't it be hard to open (since it's a top-open)? I'd have to unstack and take it out...which I suppose is not a big deal at all.

    Maybe when I re-do the closet I'll find space for things. I need to redo this closet.

  3. holy shit that closet is craftgasmic.. <3

  4. Thank you for reminding me that I have one of these: in my garage and currently all of my wrapping supplies are being stored in a kitchen trash bag. 

  5. For the last 25+ years I have used your cousin's old Winnie-the-Pooh baby hamper!!!  Works great because all I care about is that the few rolls of paper don't fall over and hit me on the head or roll away!  Ha!

  6. Ha! What a great solution! I almost bought a laundry hamper at Target this weekend to use for this purpose, but then I decided I wanted something with a lid that was tall enough to hold the paper.