Saturday, March 10, 2012


On a more successful garden note...this also happened today:

I do love these flowers. So pretty.

I also bought a new plant. An indoor plant, to fill the void left by Plantie. A Peace Lily (or Spathiphyllum), which I still refer to as a he. A plant that is happiest in low to medium light, who asks that I keep his soil moist, but who should otherwise be very happy in our ambiently-lit living room without direct sunlight. Here's hoping, Plantie2.

He looks happy, if a little tilted.
Anyone else thing he's leaning a little to the
right? Should I attempt to straighten him?
Is he ok?
I am a terrible plant owner.

PS Big thanks to Dana, Steve and Sienna for including me on their field trip to Berkeley Hort! Couldn't have done this post without y'all :)


  1. We look forward to more garden fun!

  2. Once the rain stops and we get this damn stump out of the ground, anyway! :)

  3. Just keep rotating him as he leans toward the window. (I give this advice but don't take it--my begonia (Windoplant) always just gets turned so I can see her flowers, wherever she puts them.) He'll gradually lean back toward the window, so just turn him away from it again. That'll keep him straight.

  4. That's a good idea. He grew/expanded/straightened a bit while we were gone, which was pretty cool to see upon our return (not dead! in fact, perhaps more alive!). I think the trick is not overwatering. I am very good at overwatering.