Sunday, March 11, 2012

Guest Room

This is what I want for my office/guestroom some day:


Ok, maybe not so fancy, but yes so welcoming.

A basket of goodies.
A vase of flowers.
Freshly plumped pillows.

I have a plan, thanks to Melissa.
Now I just need the money.
Around $1,000 (or less?) should do it.

A small sofabed,
A couple more file cabinets,
A rug to tie the room together.

A LOT of organizing
and throwing things away.

And then our guests will have a little space.
Better than an air mattress in the living room.
Not that I don't make things homey.

But still.
Someday the guest room (and office) won't look like this anymore.

view from the door, looking in
view from the back window,
looking back at the door

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  1. Thanks for the glowing review (pun intended)! Glad your under-illuminated crash was relatively minor.