Monday, September 24, 2012

Technogel Pillow Of Deliciousness - and a giveaway!

This year at BlogHer, I happened to stop by the Technogel booth (what can I say? I was lured by the giant bed! A girl's gotta rest her feet!), where I was able to try out the oh-so-comfortable Technogel mattress and pillows.

And oh man. If you've tried memory-foam-type pillows, you know the feeling - except that Technogel products contain gel instead of foam. More on that later.

I am a picky sleeper. I have a very particular method of stacking pillows (one slimmer Target brand "firm" pillow on top of another, fatter, IKEA brand "firm" pillow), where the top pillow has to be stacked at just the right angle atop the bottom pillow, and I often have to readjust several times before getting it right each night. I need just the right amount of firmness, at just the right angle, and recently I noticed that my once-firm Target-brand pillow was starting to lose steam. Oh, first world problems, I know thee well. But when the kind folks at Technogel offered me the chance to try one of their luscious pillows, I knew I couldn't pass it up.

Oh hello, there.
Nice curves.
I chose the "Anatomic" pillow (pictured above), and have been sleeping on it for the last two weeks. And I don't think I can ever go back, guys. I don't know that it gives me "a fresh feeling around [my] face and neck" (one of the advertising claims), but it definitely stays cool throughout the night. As for the other claims? The 3-D Deformation does support my head and neck (and the Anatomic shape means that it works whether I'm on my side or my back, which is good news for me, since I tend to roll around a lot. It's even comfortable when I'm on my stomach, even though it's not marketed as the one for stomach-sleepers). And it is definitely odorless and hypoallergenic -- I'm prone to allergies and somewhat sensitive to smells, so this is something I care about. And it's not really relevant, but it's a heavy pillow. And I kind of like that. Not sure why, but I do.

If you're interested in more information, Technogel made this 10-minute video. I'll be honest, I didn't make it through the whole thing, so, uh, no pressure or anything. They do have a lot of great information on their website though, so you should definitely check that out. The only downside I can see is the price (I think it retails for around $150), but considering the quality and that it should last for years, it's worth it, yo.

But, oh, what's that? Something about a giveaway? YOU LUCKY PEOPLE, YOU! Technogel is letting me give away one pillow (winner's choice!) to one lucky winner (super lucky!). That's right - one of you lucky readers is going to get one of these magical pillows of wonder. Something tells me my husband might be entering this giveaway...

As far as the giveaway itself goes, I'm using Rafflecopter for the first time, and I'm not quite sure what I'm doing, so forgive me if it's awkward or something - just let me know if it is and I'll figure it out. The contest is open until Sunday at midnight, and all you have to do to enter is do one (or all!) of the things listed in the Rafflecopter widget thing.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

In the interest of full disclosure, Technogel provided me with a complimentary pillow to review, but I received no other compensation for this post. Technogel did not require a positive review, nor did they influence my review in any way. My thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Kim, I am coveting your new pillow...wish me luck.

  2. My biggest sleep comfort problem is that I like our bedroom air to be cool, and my husband prefers a warm, cozy room.

  3. I don't usually get ENOUGH sleep. :-/ Poor neck and leg support is probably keeping me awake.

  4. Biggest sleep problem is sore lower back in the morning -- need more support.

  5. I can't sleep with standard size pillows. I need a king pillow in case I need to flip it and use it as a body pillow, but I'm thinking if I could try one of these guys, I would want the deluxe. It looks extra big. :)

  6. I toss and turn quite a lot and usually because of my pillow. I need to sleep in a perfect back straight and head up position to sleep. It sucks.

  7. I feel like it's not fair for me to enter this for some reason, but I did anyway. These pillows are LUXE.

  8. Ooooh I want this. I've been having lots of back and neck problems, in part because of my crazy rolling around sleeping situation

  9. My biggest sleep issue is finding a comfortable pillow that doesn't hurt my neck.

  10. OK, I am not sure I entered correctly, but I would love the pillow so I hope so!

  11. I think I messed up my Rafflecopter entry (woops). I want this pillow because my stupid 15-year old pillows aren't supporting my neck that well/at all anymore! I used to be a completely still sleeper but now I am a flipper.