Sunday, September 9, 2012

Weekend Warrior: TCB

This was a weekend full of productivity. I don't have pictures of each completed item because some of them didn't warrant pictures I am a bad blogger I kept forgetting to take them. And now it's nighttime, and the lighting isn't good enough for good pictures, so you'll have to settle for photos of my to-do list.

Circa Saturday morning.
Looks like a lot, but I was feeling confident! 
Circa Saturday afternoon, before I left the
house to cross off "library", "bookstore" and
Not bad for one day, eh? 
Circa Sunday night.
Only 5 things not done. Plus, I added one
(get rings polished). Plus, we took out the
garbage. And I tended to the garden. And I
organized the abyss that is our dining room
closet. Hell yeah.
The things I didn't get to: clean/organize the pantry (though I did take some "before" pictures), bake something with pumpkin, buy groceries take disposable cameras from our wedding to Walgreens, and blog. Ok, I'm blogging now. But I have about eleventy billion posts in various forms of draft, and they need to get written.

Considering the length of the list vs. the length of the weekend, I'm very pleased with the progress. Sure, there are always more dishes and there is always more laundry, but that's par for the course. Sure, there are a couple of new piles in the living room, but they're nowhere near as disorganized as they were before, and they are in a very "ready to get taken care of" position. We finally have some things hung up on our walls, and the family room is starting to come together nicely (photos at some point when I have better light). The dining room corners, formerly holding large piles of "stuff to be dealt with later" are empty. Giveaway items are sorted and ready for Goodwill (PS, want a TiVo or an XBox?), and the 2,000 piece puzzle we started in July is almost finished! Bonus: we got nearly 10 hours of sleep a night. Both nights.

We also attended this event, where we ended up not just eating delicious food inspired by the beautiful cookbook and meeting the author/photographer, but making new friends as well. If you've found my blog, hi there, Laura and JD! :) We ended up sharing a bottle of wine and getting to know each other, reveling in the awesome that is the bay area and kindred spirits. I love our neighborhood.

My family is coming into town next weekend, and the house is almost to a place where I feel proud and ready to show it off. We've only lived here for a year, so it's about time, right? 

Did you accomplish any big tasks this weekend? Any little tasks? Did you just get a bunch of sleep? Let me know in the comments, and link to your blog post if you wrote about it! I'd love to read about what you've been up to!


  1. Great job! I am impressed that you did all that AND got 10 hours of sleep a night! This weekend i accomplished: petting dog, eating my weight in dumplings at dim sum, watching multiple terrible Hallmark Channel rom coms, reading 1.5 new yorkers, tasting first batch of kombucha, and washing week-old dishes. Winners all around!

  2. Oooh! Which rom coms (I may or may not have watched part of Princess Diaries 2 on ABC Family)? How was kombucha? Will you blog about it? And yay dishes! Ours were about a week old as well.

  3. Well Kim you are just Awesome! Amazing to get so much done. If "eleventy billion" isn't a should be :) I am sorting photos. I'll be doing it for a while!

  4. There's a reason I didn't put "sort photos" on the list...

  5. Update for anyone still listening: 7 months later, the list is finally completely complete! Those last few items took some time...