Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Change of Plans

I'm a planner. I like to have my lists categorized, my calendar scheduled, and my life in order. So even though I knew this month would be insanely jam-packed, and the next two weeks especially nuts, I wasn't too worried...because I had a plan.

As it turns out, below the surface anxiety had been bubbling, and when I sat down with my calendar to schedule "stay home and clean up" evenings in anticipation of a party we're hosting on the 31st, I just about exploded. Something about the limited free evenings, the crushing amount of stuff in our living room and dirty dishes in the sink, and a ball I dropped at work, and I just couldn't handle it. Even getting towels out of the dryer seemed like an insurmountable task.

A brief panic attack and calming reassurance from a patient husband later, and I was feeling a little more prepared for the next two weeks. And then, we found out the backpacking trip scheduled for this weekend was canceled. I was pretty disappointed (though Will will challenge me on that); I was looking forward to 48 hours of unplugged nature goodness, and I am trying to improve my backpacking skillz. But there was a part of me that I can't deny was relieved to have a weekend at home, without plans.

This weekend, I sorted and gardened and organized and laundered, and even squeezed in some time with friends, and a pedicure too! We still have a ways to go before the house is party-ready, but I notice major improvements. Plus, we had time to plan meals and shop for ingredients for next week's camping trip, so bonus for us. While it's true that it's not hard for me to look on the sunny side of a situation, I think the feeling was more relief than pure optimism. Much as I don't like to admit it, this was a weekend I needed. A change of plans is sometimes a good thing.

Whole wheat rotini in a butter, white wine, &
garlic sauce. With vegetables from our garden
& parmesan cheese crisps.
Tasted better than it looks in this picture.
Best enjoyed with friends.

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