Sunday, August 4, 2013

Guest Room!

Last time we checked in on the guest room, the bed had arrived. At the beginning of July, I set a goal to finish the it within the month. On July 20, we had our first guest. Last week, our friends Laura and JD spent the night before leaving on their final roadtrip before moving out of the country. Two guests in one month! I guess in some sense, that means the guest room is finished. But no, of course, it wasn't finished. Our guests are patient people who didn't mind guest-ing amongst boxes and piles of picture frames. And bless them for it.

And this weekend, my parents came to town. My parents are also patient people who don't mind a little mess. Or rather, they do, but they love us enough to not only stay here regardless, but also to dive into a little home improvement project on their vacation. The guest room still has a ways to go, but it's much more functional now, and I have to say it's looking pretty good.

An inviting space, no?
The view from the doorway.
Standing next to bed, right side; this is the "desk" area.
Also known as "We went to college, and we love the Pens".
Next to bed, left side; the junk pile
(mostly organized on a shelf)
But look! Artwork!
My dad is a baller when it comes to hanging pictures. He has a good sense of what looks good where and is super fast at hanging. I had ideas, but he often had better ones. And we even hung stuff in the hallway, which had completely fallen off my radar as a place where one can hang one's artwork. Duh.

Our hallway has art!
Will posed for the camera. Totally.
I know, the lighting is awful.
The art on the wall really makes the guest room feels homey, and the art on the hallway walls get me excited for the possibilities. Little by little, we've been adding things to the walls of the house -- I think that's one of the things that really makes a place feel settled (aside from, erm, actually unpacking all of your boxes). We've been here two years now, and we have much left to do, but it's starting to feel much more like *us* and not just like a place we're renting. 

Did you get any big projects done this weekend? Do you have art on your walls? Does your partner photobomb your pictures? Let's chat.


  1. I was also productive this weekend and installed an irrigation system in my back yard, so that I don't have to water as much by hand, saving me hours each week. It was a lot of work, and a bit pricey, but I think it will save me in water and in time, and will be worth it. It's also nice when you can go away without having to worry about all of your plants dying.

  2. WHOA IRRIGATION! Look at you go!!

    If we didn't have the automatic sprinkler system set up in our garden, our veggies would surely die. Luckily for us, our landlord paid the gardeners to install it :) #rentingisawesome

  3. А в коридоре как-то пусто...пока...

  4. Very happy, including reading here

  5. I just started following your blog and I love the work your dad did with hanging the pictures in your guest room and hallway. Your dad definitely has a good eye when it comes to figuring out where to hang art work.
    I always liked the idea of hanging three picture in a row over a mantel, couch or buffet table etc.... (sample pic attached). I work for and think your followers would love our posters to add a little art into their kitchens/ homes.

  6. Hi Clare! Thanks for reading, and for the compliments! My dad has always had a good eye for hanging artwork :)

    Cute posters, and nice use of the Disqus embedded images!

  7. Thank you for the reply. Have a great weekend!

  8. nice to meet with you i want to take you to another love out of the first i will do what is all needed

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