Sunday, April 6, 2014

March #YoCP

The Year of the Clean Person marches on. Speaking of marching...March's tasks were to fix the broken lamp by my bedside, to hang the mirror on the wall, and to clean the top of my dresser (I already make my side of the bed every day, and March is #YoCP #LAMOB month). Well, technically, I wanted to clean the tops of both of our dressers, but c'est la vie. And mine was the worst, so it needed immediate attention, and what was top of mind when making the list.

Before: it was pretty awful.
Earrings strewn about, papers needing to be filed,  and
piles upon piles upon piles.

After: so much clean!
Neat and organized, earrings hung on their stand,
small piles that are organized.

I found old checkbooks, half-empty water bottles, pay stubs from last year, and earrings I hadn't seen in months. It's so clean now that I can even lay clothes out the night before (ha - right, like I remember to do that) if I want. 

Will's dresser is still kind of pile-y, but it's better. And honestly, it's his area to control. And I fixed the lamp (hot glue gun ftw) and hung the mirror. So I shall consider March to be completed. 

How was your March? Who's ready for April (aka bathroom and BBQ month)?


  1. You are Hilarious and Delightful! (notice what I did just now with the capital letters)
    You definitely brightened my rainy day and since I actually like rain, my day is .....well, not exactly blinding or glaring ,,,and I don't seem to be basking per se...and since I don't have any instruments (other than musical) or any reliable way of measuring Lux, Lumens, Footcandles, or Candelas.
    I guess I'll probably never be able to convey to you the Bio-Luminescence I felt coursing along the Tree of Life Neural Super Highway inside my tiny brain and across my nervous system which was boosted from reading a few of your very entertaining stories...well, sentences...or maybe phrases is more fitting?..or possibly words?....oh hell! Okay! Syllables is more accurate I'm sure! (Are you happy now?!!)
    I just realized my lack of expressiveness-ness has left me feeling rather deflated, inferior and depressed.... naaaaahhhh...not really!
    I like your Super Uber Sense of Humor (there go those capital letters again). I hope you didn't mind me going Over the Edge and Around the Bend (and depending on who you talk to, I'm probably Over the Hill as well). Maybe when I grow up I can be as funny as you! :D