Sunday, November 16, 2014

YoCP: Frame and Hang Art

Technically, this was a July YoCP project. Technically, I'm still working my way through some of August, September, and October. Technically, it is actually November. But technically, as of July, YoCP is on hiatus (according to an email from our fearless leader, Jolie Kerr), so I don't feel quite so badly about being behind.

But YoCP was a promise I made to myself, if not a commitment to the greater Clean Person Community. And I created these projects with a purpose, and I do plan on completing them. Even if it takes me all year. Which it might, because there are only 6 weeks left in the year. Holy shit, did I just say that? Is that true? Jesus.

Ok. Back on track, here. One of my projects was "Frame Art. Hang Art." We have quite a bit of artwork, both personal mementos and arty posters, and since we're likely not moving any time soon, I figured we might as well take them from "big pile in the guest room" to "things that actually hang on the walls". Turns out, it wasn't as simple as I thought it would be. Many of the pieces were oddly-sized, requiring custom mats and very specific frames. Framing delays meant it took longer to assess the stash, and busy schedules meant delays in actual hanging. But as of a few weeks ago, all of our art is framed and hung (ok, there's one poster that I framed that's due to be hung in the guest room, but I haven't quite figured out where I want it to go, so it's leaning up against the wall, but I'm just not going to count that one, ok?).

In the bedroom, I finally have the art wall I'd been envisioning pretty much since we moved in. There's a little room for more artwork if we have it, but overall, I really like it. It's a collection of pictures from trips we've taken, or of special or meaningful things to us (like the "Going to the mountains is going home" John Muir quote print I found totally randomly, and then just happened to find the perfect frame for when I wasn't looking). It's really lovely to wake up and go to bed looking at things that make us happy.

Have you completed any projects lately? Are you still YoCP'ing? What's the most complicated framing job you've ever done?


  1. Luckily you had a good cleaning coach...

  2. I have that same beautiful wintry photo of Half Dome! Although mine's a mini-version; I think it's an 8 x 10. So pretty!

  3. I realise it is a rental, but when it comes to FOH stuff like that, I really think a slap of paint is a good idea every couple of years. Scrubbing just leads to fine scratches that fill up with grime faster each time you do it, and it gets harder to clean the more you try. I'd hit it with a fine sandpaper (P120 or higher) just to give the existing paint an even texture, then use a high-gloss acrylic paint (use a R95 or higher respirator, disposable gloves and a disposable roller sleeve!) to give it a smooth finish. It'll need a couple of days to dry and you may want to do more than one coat, but then you'll find that you only need to rinse it, or at worst wipe it gently with a soft sponge.

    Though now that I look at it closely, is that railing wood or concrete? I couldn't really tell. If it's wood then paint it; if it's concrete it gives you an excuse to bust out the pressure washer!

  4. I agree - luckily, my landlord recently said he's planning to do a porch refresh this spring (the stairs need new paint too)! I wonder if he's going to sand it and then paint...he's a pretty thorough and great landlord, so maybe he won't just paint over it :) It's all wood, and it was repainted right around when we moved in, which was about 3 years ago. Sooooo time!

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