Monday, February 22, 2016


Well, friends, the time has come. I'm officially knocked up (we're 13 weeks in at this point!) and ready to join the ranks of my friends The Mommybloggers. No, this blog won't turn into 100% parenting and pregnancy, but if you'll recall my past hobbies/interests, the blog does tend to shift topics along with what's going on in my life (knitting, weddings, moving, etc). So. Fair warning. You are likely to see some babby content around these parts.

I'm not looking particularly pregnant at the moment, more just burrito-bloated, but I'm looking forward to growing and showing and glowing and crowing and whatever else pregnant ladies do. We're officially concluding our pregnancy announcement communications rollout (TELL EVERYONE!), and I'm lamenting the lack of cold medicine in my life (head congestion without meds is no joke). Starting to make lists of lists and Pinterest boards and floorplans and feeling the urge to purge, but that's par for the course.

And yes, I'm still planning to go to BlogHer '16. 35 weeks pregnant. It'll be awesome!

And because it's my favorite pregnancy announcement ever:

How did you announce your pregnancy? Have you ever attended a conference while preggers? How pregnant were you? TELL ME EVERYTHING!

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