Monday, May 16, 2011

Review: Grand Cru Gruyere

A few months ago, a company called Roth Käse sent me some of their Grand Cru Gruyere to review. "Some" is sort of understatement. They sent me a gigantic wedge of the stuff, as well as a huge bag of cubed cheese (great for melting!) - and I enjoyed it like crazy.

I melted the cubes on French Onion Soup, on top of my "cover it with cheese and bake it" recipes, used it to perk up some day old mac and cheese, and perhaps even snacked on a few know, just to see how they tasted on their own (delicious, for the record). The wedge o glory was the base for my three cheese and champagne fondue (for the Royal Wedding Party), and it melted beautifully.

This cheese is stupendous, and I highly recommend it for any of your cheesy goodness needs! And

Ok, here's that wedge again, next to a set of standard-size
keys, so you can fully appreciate its size.
Bag of cubed cheese. So convenient! So delicious!
Can you smell the bubbly, golden-brown cheesy goodness?
Mmmm so good.

Note: These opinions are all mine, and were not influenced by the fact that this cheese was free. They didn't even make me promise to write a good review (or any review, at that). I just liked it.


  1. I'm eating blocks of cheese now thx to this delicious post. I miss gruyere....

  2. Haha didn't mean to inspire a craving! Or did I...

  3. Ha--I first saw your pictures on my phone and thought you'd placed the wedge on a bed of tousled black fabric for the photo.  On closer inspection I see it's actually a stove...Monet moment!

  4. HA. Yes, tis our electric stove. I miss gas, but at least it's not the kind
    with the coil burners...