Sunday, March 4, 2012

Project: Kitchen Sign

Back in September, I did a little review of Bon Ami's lovely cleaning products. They sent me samples in an adorable wooden box, with a removable lid that I thought would look adorable hanging in my kitchen. For months now, I had the lid leaning up against the wall, propped up on the paper towel holder, semi-precariously. I had big ideas about how I was going to drill little holes in it and hang it from little gold hooks, rustic-farmhouse-style. Tonight, upon realizing I didn't do a house-related project to blog about this week (and y'all know I'm trying to do one thing per week), I decided just to do it. 

Sorry for the terrible photo quality.
No natural light + task lighting that
makes shadows weird in photographs
means slightly dark and slightly blurry.
15 minutes and 3 attempts later, ta-da! I realized the wood wasn't really the type to drill through, and I was concerned that it would just splinter if I tried to drill through it. I thought I could rig up a hook system by attaching a hanger to the back (with duct tape or something), but it looked kind of weird when I held the hanger up to it, so I nixed that idea. I then tried a clipping a binder clip on top, figuring I'd just hang it from a nail.
This was my first mistake.  I used a nail that was too long, and it wouldn't go all the way into the wall (must've hit a super hard stud of some sort?). When I pulled the nail out (which wasn't hard, since it was all not stuck in the wall and all), the hole was...large. I mean, it wasn't larger than the nail, but I clearly had used the wrong nail, here. I grabbed a smaller nail, but it wasn't going to be big enough to hold the binder clip. Brilliant idea! How about hanging the binder clip from a Command Hook! I love those! Sadly, the hook was too girthy to fit through the binder clip. I didn't want to use just the strips, because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to remove it from the wall after (since you have to remove by pulling down, and the board might not have come off easily).

But then. Ohhhhh then. Lightbulb moment of genius magical divine inspiration. I whipped out my trusty earthquake putty, stuck a dab in each corner, and pressed that baby up onto the wall. It seemed super firm, but I tapped it with the hammer just in case. And then, for good measure, I hung a hook for a hand towel. And then took it off (thanks, Command Hook, for your easy removability) and re-hung it at a better height.

And there it is, folks. A too-long story about how I hung stuff on my wall. Mission: Accomplished.


  1. Good job with the earthquake putty. I should keep some of that stuff around. 

  2. Funny how now I am reminded to use it for its intended purpose.