Sunday, July 7, 2013

July Weekend Warrioring: First Weekend Recap

On Saturday, I posted a post full of promise and motivation. Full of songs unsung and wine untasted and hopes that were high, and life that was worth living, and ok I'm done with this weird Les Miz thing I'm inexplicably doing right now. I wrote about stuff I was going to do, and then I did stuff this weekend. I did it. Booya.

What stuff?

I moved some guest room furniture around, so that the desks are in their new locations (including some very exciting cord-wrangling, and the addition of a new surge protector...ooh exciting).
I took the printer out of the living room and set it up in the guest room (slash office).
I did 5 loads of laundry.
I shredded so much unnecessary paperwork that the shredder needed a break.
I Craigslisted the dishwasher that never worked, the old printer we don't use anymore, and the file cabinet I no longer need. And they were all picked up.
I drove three bags of donations to Goodwill.
I organized the storage closet (already blogged).
I unpacked the clothes and gifts from our Portland trip.
I purchased way too much cute baby stuff for a friend's baby shower next weekend.
I got a pedicure.
I enjoyed the company of my dear friend Emika, including a super awesome slumber party where we watched Bachelorette, which is in fact, not a good movie.

Oh, and I pickled some things.

It was quite a weekend. There's nothing new that's photo-worthy yet (well, except the pickles), so this post is really more of a "hey look at me I did stuff" than a beautiful blog post full of photos and prose. Next weekend, I tackle the giant stack of boxes that line the wall of the guest room...there's a lot of nonsense going on over there, and it's going to have to get organized before the sofabed arrives!

That's all I suppose. Did you set goals for your weekend? Did you accomplish them? Is any of this interesting, or am I just navelgazing with the knowledge that when I put my goals on the internet, I'm more likely to accomplish them?

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  1. Bravo -Kim -you were very industrial Bravo and what was your main motivation about categorically speakingsweetie cause I can never. GET INTO MUCH HAVING. LOST INTEREST ...S
    BYE NOW DEAR billysikste. .oxxo