Thursday, August 25, 2016

The emotions, they are out of control

It's amazing, this emotional roller coaster of late pregnancy. It's hit me harder in the last week or so than it has, I think, for the last 9 months combined. Although there was this a few months ago.

Things that have caused panic/tears/general upset (that usually last only a few minutes, but still, they hit hard!) or, alternately, welling up with joy/heartswell/happy tears:
Seeing a cute newborn pajama onesie and realizing I haven't picked out any clothes for our daughter. "We've gotten so many great hand me downs and gifts but I (sniffle) haven't (sniffle) picked anything out for her myseeeellllffff! What kind of mom am I!? I waaant to pick out clothes for my baaabbbbyyyyyy!"  ...I bought the onesie. And a dress and a set of onesies on clearance. 
Realizing the awesome ergo carrier our friend got us doesn't allow for front-outward carrying and "what if our baby doesn't like to face iiiiiiiiin and she only waaaaants to faaaace outttttt" (which is crazy, because she can't even face outward for several months anyway).  
Attempting to hang the first thing in the nursery, and completely failing. Now we have to re-spackle, re-sand, and re-paint this area. Damn multiple layers of old paint. That damn thing completely broke me for a few minutes. There's so much more to hang, from bookshelves to artwork, and I'm suddenly intimidated. This thing made me feel deflated and completely incapable - not how I'm used to feeling when it comes to home stuff. I pride myself on being capable and generally good at basic house maintenance. And this little failure pushed me into a (temporary) hole, layered with feelings of sadness at the realization that I couldn't call my dad for help when I was stuck and discouraged or for kudos when (if) I finally get the project done. 
Being surrounded by so many friends who want to come over and hang out and help around the house. We don't have much family nearby, and it's seriously moving and heartwarming to feel the love of our local family of friends. 
Thinking that this baby could really come any day now - my due date is a mere 3 days away, and that's mildly terrifying. I'm still convinced she's going to be late, but the due date being just on the other side of this quickly-approaching weekend is a little bit nuts. And it makes my eyes leak. I don't know if I'm ready for her to be outside my body yet.

Ah, the emotions. I'm told this won't necessarily stop once the baby is born. So, that's fun. Better buy stock in Kleenex.

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